SATCOM On The Move (SOTM) terminal family for vehicle installation, which offer a reliable and stable connection in mobility.

SGoSat is a family of high tech, advanced SOTM (Satellite Comms On The Move) terminals that are installed on a vehicle, providing the capacity to point and keep a stable connection with the satellite when the vehicle is in motion in any kind of conditions.

The SGoSat family is composed of versatile terminals, capable of being implemented in any type of platform: trains, military and/or government off-road vehicles, aircrafts, road vehicles, etc. It is an extremely reliable and robust terminal, given that it was initially designed for military applications where the use of high performance parts is required to comply with the most demanding environmental and EMI/EMC regulations. The product uses low profile, high efficiency antennas and a high performance tracking, and positioner which allow it to work anywhere in the world.

In order to meet the diverse needs of its customers, INSTER has developed single-band terminals and dual-band terminals at the X, Ka and Ku frequencies.

The SGoSat family of terminals can also be configured with a range of radomes (including ballistic options), adapting to the customer requirements.

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