SatCom IoT

End to end solution intended for the management of IoT devices in remote locations by means of high efficiency satellite communications.

Satellite Internet of Things (IoT) applications are emerging as the optimal way of providing reliable, secure and cost effective support to many large scale operations where significant and critical assets are deployed anywhere.

Sectors such as Farming & Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Power, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Infrastructure benefit, among other, of the revolutionary smart technologies.

The main elements of the solution SaTIoT are sensors, satellite terminals, satellite operations hub and an integrated information management system.

The satellite platform is designed specifically for IoT applications, presenting a low cost per terminal and an on-demand satellite bandwidth management.

The information management system presents a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for the development of multiple device management applications, where the information processing is done in a way that makes it available to the users in any type of device.