Engineering Services

Completion of adaptable turnkey projects which serve the specific needs of each customer


The vocation, technological and human capabilities of INSTER, lead to flexible value proposals which can adapt to each customer and market.

Thanks to a highly skilled and multidisciplinary team, INSTER carries out turnkey projects under the most strict quality, safety and environmental protection requirements, with a technological innovation component and excellence in its products and services.

To do that it counts with a Product Engineering department, dedicated to the design and complete industrialization of satellite communications terminals, as well as other telecommunications equipment.

Also, the Project Engineering department dedicates its efforts to the design and implementation of customized solutions, which can include satellite or terrestrial communications, as well as civil vehicular platform integration.

The Manufacturing department is responsible for the production and integration of the platforms. It is integrated by specialized technicians and engineers with the capacity to conduct operations both at INSTER’s facilities and the customer’s.

Finally, and throughout the complete cycle, a Project Manager of INSTER, certified according to the latest Project Management methodologies, will lead the multidisciplinary team in coordination with the customer.