Quality and Environment Policy


INSTER TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONS (hereinafter: INSTER) is a company oriented to offer its clients the best products, solutions and services, with the maximum guarantees of Quality and satisfaction and with the responsibility of the possible impact of its activity on the environment. For this reason, its management has committed the necessary resources to ensure that the activities carried out in the field of design, production, integration, assembly, installation and maintenance of communications systems and safety equipment in special vehicles, manufacture of auxiliary components for systems of communications, supply of equipment and electronic components of communications, design, development and manufacture of communication systems Via Satellite and Terrestrial Wireless as well as the installation and maintenance of devices, devices and security systems, are aimed at those ends.

Consequently INSTER has established a Quality and Environmental Management System based on the requirements established by the Standards PECAL 2110UNE-EN-ISO 9001 y UNE-EN-ISO 14001, structured around this Quality and Environment Policy and based on the following principles:

  • Quality, Environmental Management are strategic elements for the operation of INSTER.
  • Understand the current and future needs of our clients, meet your requirements and make an effort to exceed your expectations. To this end, we are committed to continually measuring, analyzing and improving customer satisfaction, both external and internal to the CPS Group and carrying out improvement plans and planned objectives, always seeking to improve the quality of our product.
  • We are committed to plan our activities, so as to ensure the quality of our activities, the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, guaranteeing the continuous improvement and the performance of our environmental and labor behavior.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of our activities with special emphasis on waste management following the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle our waste and when this is not possible, give them the final destination that ensures a lesser impact on the environment.
  • There is a firm commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements established in our actions and services, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes, and strive to be more demanding with these requirements whenever possible.
  • Communicate the commitments made with Quality and the Environment to all our employees, clients and any interested party that requires it and deepens in raising awareness among all personnel so that they have the freedom and responsibility to inform their superiors and, especially, the Management, of any real or potential situation jeopardize the correct functioning of our Quality and Environment System.
  • Create the appropriate work environment for that the personnel is involved in the achievement of the objectives of the Organization.
  • Analyze the external and internal issues that affect us and that make up the context in which our activities are developed, identifying the interested parties and planning the risks and opportunities that arise from this context.

The necessary mechanisms have been established so that throughout the Organization the Policy described is known, understood, and put into practice, and will be reviewed periodically in the Review by Management to adapt it continuously to its purpose.

Madrid, 20 of April of 2019

Miguel Ángel Díaz Sánchez

General Director of INSTER