HSEQ Policy






INSTER TECNOLOGÍA Y COMUNICACIONES (henceforth: INSTER) is a Company focused in providing its customers with the best products, solutions and services, caring for the safety and health of its employees and collaborators and taking responsibility for the possible impact of its operations on the environment.  Therefore, the Management have provided the necessary resources to make sure that this policy is accomplished in all the activities of the Company, which include the design, production, integration, assembly, installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems and safety equipment in special vehicles, manufacturing of auxiliary components for communications systems, supply of communications equipment and components, design, development and manufacturing of satellite and wireless terrestrial telecommunications systems, as well as installation and maintenance of security and safety systems and devices.

In accordance with this policy, INSTER has established an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environmental Protection, Safety and Health in the Workplace based in the requirements of the following regulations: PECAL 2110, UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Structured in the Quality, Environmental Protection, Safety and Health in the Workplace Policy, it is based on the following principles:

  • Quality, Environmental Protection, Safety and Health in the Workplace are strategic concepts for INSTER’s activity.
  • Understand the current and future needs of our clients, satisfy their requirements and make an effort to exceed their expectations. In order to do this, we commit to measure, analyze and continuously improve customer satisfaction, both internal and external to CPS Group, and to follow the improvement plans and objectives, seeking at every moment the enhancement of the Quality of our products.
  • We commit to the planning of our activities, in such a way that they guarantee the quality of operations, the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution and of the harm to the health of our employees, assuring the continuous improvement and development of our environmental and labor behavior.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of our activities putting special attention to waste management following the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste and when it is not possible, making sure that the impact on the environment is minimized.
  • We have the strict commitment to comply with the legal requirements and established regulations in our operations and services, as well as any other requirements which the organization considers, and to make an effort to exceed those requirements when possible.
  • Communicate all the commitments with regard to Quality, Environmental Protection, Safety and Health in the Workplace to all our employees and to any party that requires them, focusing on the education of all the personnel to have the freedom and responsibility to inform their direct superiors, and specially, the management of the company, of any real or potential situation that puts at risk the correct functioning of our Integrated System.
  • Create the working environment suitable for the involvement of the personnel in the achievement of the objectives of the Organization.
  • Analyze the external and internal matters that affect us and that build up the context within which our activities take place, identifying all the interested parties and planning the risks and opportunities that derive from the mentioned context.

The necessary mechanisms have been established in order to guarantee the understanding and attainment of this Policy within the whole Organization, which will be regularly revised in the Management Review, in order to keep it aligned with its purpose.


        Madrid, May 30, 2018

Miguel Angel Díaz Sánchez

                                                               General Manager of INSTER