VHF and UHF radio systems: Our offer is extended to Navigation AIDS, such as NDBs Non Directional Beacons or VDF Directional Finders, VHF VDB Data Broadcast for Differential landing systems (GBAS). Our market share in Spain is up to 90% of AENA´s operating radio systems.



The range of products provides versatile solutions for modern voice recording. Recording systems and applications are available to cover all imaginable field of application and requirement that our customers may have.


QEST is a worldwide market leader in the research, development and manufacturing of innovative technologies for satellite broadband antennas. QEST has become a recognized industry partner in the in-flight entertainment and connectivity market in recent years.

Plastic View

Plastic View

Plastic-View is now, via exclusive ATCT cab shade research and development, on its 12th major upgrade of the specifications for ATCT cab shades.

label italy

Label Italy

Passive products for FM, TV, DAB, Link, Aeronautical, Professional and Amateur Radio, VHF, UHF, SHF, WI-FI.

Antennas, Omnidirectional and Directional, Linear and Circular Polarization, Dipole, Yagi, Log, Panel, etc.



RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH is building on 20 years of experience in the design, development and production of high-quality direction finders for ATC, VTS and SAR applications.



Today, ELNO is a European leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electro-acoustic products and communication systems for Defence & Security, Aeronautics & Industry and Transport.



TECDRON is a French company that designs and manufactures land and sea robots. TECDRON positions itself on the activities of defence, civil security and industry.